Wilma Rodrigues – Saahas Zero Waste

Having foundation in environmental sciences, waste issues pestered Wilma the most ideal from she was youthful. When she moved to Bangalore, the city’s waste circumstance was far more awful than what you see today. This prodded her to begin Saahas Zero Waste, which she started with an attention on actualizing India’s first historically speaking waste administration strategies spread out by the legislature in 2001. Throughout the years, she has effectively driven Saahas to 13 noteworthy undertakings building limits of open organizations like the Municipal Corporation.


In any case, it was difficult to begin with. She thought that it was hard to sharpen individuals about the issue and persuade approach producers to take after their bearing. In any case, industriousness and diligent work paid off for Wilma in the whole deal. “Never hold up to would what you like to do, don’t make superfluous conditions on yourself.” she asks the ladies of our country.


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