Masih Alinejad

An Iranian columnist, Masih Alinejad began the My Stealthy Freedom crusade in 2014, trying to free Iranian ladies persuasively being made to wear a head covering, and rather surrender the choice over to them. Alinejad, who experienced childhood in Iran was pressured into wearing a hijab at seven years old. She even uncovered that a couple of years prior, she was nearly assaulted while announcing from the Parliament, in view of a couple of extra strands of hair that got away from her cover. The New York-based writer posted a photograph of herself without her hijab, and requested that other ladies share their own “snapshots of stealthy flexibility”. Many photographs of ladies with revealed hair poured in from Iran and over the world, Alinejad made a Facebook page devoted to these ladies who had taken a chance with their lives and notorieties. The page right now gloats 777,759 preferences. Alinejad is presently giving an account of Iranian legislative issues and is an ardent supporter on ladies’ rights and equity. This year, her endeavors were initiated with The Women’s Rights Award at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy.


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