Marta Vanduzer Snow – Better Village Better World

Hailing from USA, Marta made a trip over the globe to India in her 20s to join a social association in India. It was essentially a work area work for inquire about. Be that as it may, she immediately proceeded onward to the thick of the activity, building toilets and streets for villagers in Uttar Pradesh at similarly bring down expenses caused by government ventures.


“At whatever point another individual enters a network there’s a sure level of suspect or question since you’re new, however with time you construct connections through your work. What I trust I can do with my life is something that matters — nothing looks at to the sentiment of a taxing day of work and seeing what you accomplish by the day’s end!” Marta relates her experience.


“I think we need more action than talking. Signing a petition isn’t enough. Consumption is part of the problem. Action guided by love and compassion, that’s more important.” she believes.


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