Your new undertaking will have a beautiful start. You won’t be able to ignore obstacles – you will have to overcome them. However, you should not dwell on them since you will tackle them quickly. Your partner, supervisor, one of your parents, some official or law enforcement officer may pose an obstacle.

Stars allow you to stay in the shadow if that is what you want. Even if that’s the case, you shouldn’t remain idle. Whatever you have on your mind should be acted on and the sooner the better. In the daytime you may run into some obstacles.

Today’s energetic vibe will be to Gemini’s satisfaction and won’t contradict its social needs. Truth must be told, though, that the Twins may not have a chance to enjoy lengthy soulful conversations, but contacts with friends and beloved ones guarantee bright impressions.

The stronger your desire to achieve something, the more painful your response to restrictions and taboos will be. The tendency intensifies if you were born in June. I you mobilize and make an effort, you will get what you want

This is a good day for new personal initiatives. A wonderful start may be slightly tarnished by someone’s coldness, inflexibility and excessive stubbornness. But you will quickly find a leverage point in a difficult situation and be able to clarify all problems.

There may be some material problems in the daytime as well as certain complications in professional contacts or intimate connections. Take restrictions and limitations for granted – the chances are they are inevitable. Besides, by making peace with them you will once again confirm your reputation.

Try to find a reasonable balance between your own ways and others’ needs. Don’t be too tough, inflexible, alienated and stubborn. Be sincere and more open – people will only thank you for that. Don’t start any new projects alone. Partnership will hardly be problem-free, but it is your only sure way to real success.

On June 16, 2018 routine work will be one of the easiest, quickest, most enjoyable and reliable ways to move up the career ladder. You may acquire new everyday duties – both professional and personal. You may have to work with your partner for them or for their sake.

This is a perfect day for active leisure. The start of a new undertaking will be full of promise if it is connected with sport, tourism, creativity, commerce or gambling. You will enjoy having guests over or being out on a date.

Enjoyable changes are expected in Capricorn’s domestic affairs. Relations with your household members, parents or spouse will become more genuine, more fun and much sincerer. However, it will be difficult for you to completely devote yourself to your home and family.

This is a good day for active interpersonal interaction, short-term initiatives and spontaneous short trips with pleasant goals. Energetic cooperation is preferred to lengthy pondering. You may start a new exciting chapter in your business partnership.

June 16, 2018 is not the day to be pressuring people by means of your authority. Be more democratic, more accessible; be simpler. Energetic work will produce good results. Be sure to combine initiative with diligence. When working on an important task, don’t forget to properly plan your actions and reference your schedule.

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